Site: Termini Station, Rome
Program: Scooter Parking Garage
Status: Competition




The Motorino Checkpoint proposal is efficiently rigorous as well as conceptually poetic and playful. It not only reflects the demands of the program but it is also engages in a dialogue with its context and hopes to convey how fun it is to ride a motorino in Rome.

Situated next to Termini Station, adjacent to the great imperial Baths of Diocletian, and caught in between modern and ancient Rome, this small site becomes an opportunity to re-brand the contemporary program of a parking garage with the strategies and effects of antiquity. The contrasting spatial transitions which create a rhythm of different planar configurations aligned on a straight axis present in the Roman Bath typology served as the main organization scheme for the project. This allowed the autonomous pairing of the different programmatic parts with the most effective forms for their functions and produced a sequence of highly efficient volumes: the circular ramp, the parking box and the triangular pavilion.











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