Site: Praca do Comercio. Lisbon, Portugal.
Program: Desires Exchanges Bank.




The Exchanges Bank located in Praca do Comercio, the central public square in Lisbon, is a new typology for the city. Completing the enclosure of the baroque civic court, it is a place in which residents, visitors and tourists exchange knowledge and actions based on desires they hold about the city they inhabit. Through selective filtering, a user with a specific desire is set on a tailored path which results in an exchange of information or services with another user who has a certain familiarity with the desired topic. The objective of the project is to create a multiplicity of exchanges by capitalizing on the acquired and specific knowledge of the resident, visitor and tourist.

These three users have unique and very different perspectives of the city in which they are present. Each type possesses a specific quality of knowledge in certain areas which another type might not have. An example being, the resident who might know the great restaurants of the city, but has no experience in regards to hotels since he does not use them. The tourist, although having limited information of other areas, might be considered an expert in regards to hotels. The proposed project tries to orchestrate exchanges of this sort, filling in the gaps of knowledge for a complete map of possible solutions for desires of any kind, in any city.  








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